armax Real Estate Development

ARMAX, a real estate development company based in San Francisco, California, was formed in 1981 to help meet the increasing demand for residential and commercial property throughout the Bay Area. Armax's main focus is to develop high-quality homes in the Bay Area for the upwardly mobile population, high-quality office space for the area's image-conscious businesses, as well as to creatively design mixed-use projects. Residential and commercial activities combined, Armax has developed over $800,000,000.00 worth of real estate. Armax's uncompromising standards for quality and construction have played a major role in its recent and rapid growth. This commitment to excellence has also resulted in the receipt of several awards from trade and civic organizations. In addition, Armax has expanded its operation into Mexico with the purpose of building Urban/Resort projects for the retired and pre-retired American market.

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agustin rosas maxemin
Montaire Best Residential Project 
"Best in the West Gold Nugget Awards 1992"